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Online Mixing

I've been mixing and recording music for nearly 20 years. Whatever the genre, I can mix your songs to a professional standard thanks to my meticulous work process. My studio has been acoustically designed so you can have confidence that the songs I mix will translate everywhere.

I use a hybrid digital/analogue approach utilising old and new technology, including a reel-to-reel tape recorder, analogue mixing desk, outboard processing equipment and the very latest industry standard audio plugins. As a client, you’ll collaborate closely with me throughout the entire process to develop a high quality final mix we can both be proud of.

My specialities are in mixing folk, jazz and classical music, but I also particularly enjoy mixing rock and electronic genres. From experimental music through to pop bangers, I love all music and bring that passion into every project.

Get in touch for a free mix consultation today. Send me your track and I'll send back my critique and a quote outlining how I will make your song sound its very best.


Ah yes, the dark art. The old spit and polish. Buff and shine. The veritable cherry on top. Polishing a...

I have years of experience mastering records in a range of genres. My studio in Adelaide is equipped with professional monitoring, fantastic ruler-flat acoustic performance and industry standard software and hardware.

When it comes to making the final decision on the mastering of your music you owe it to yourself to use an objective, skilled, witty, humble and frankly dashing professional to give your music its very best chance before being sent out into the world to fend for itself.

I'll give your music the edge it needs to stand out in an increasingly crowded market. Find out how competitively priced my music mastering service can be by getting in touch below.


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Studio Recording

If you're based in the Adelaide area I could record your music in one of our fantastic local studios. I also have a vast range of my own microphones and recording equipment that I use for location or live concert recording.

I also produce overdub acoustic/electronic records at my acoustically treated mixing and mastering studio, the advantages of which include a lower overhead cost and the chance to record on my reel-to-reel tape recorder. A package discount also applies for complete productions (ie. recording and mixing).

Get in touch to find out more about my rates and availability, as well as my production philosophy. Let's start a conversation today and lock down the right approach to recording and producing your music.

See the Testimonials and Music sections below for further examples of some of the records I've worked on.


Sam Lench

Originally from the UK, I currently live in Adelaide, Australia with my wife and family. I've been performing, writing, recording and mixing music for over 20 years. I have a 1st class Honours Degree in Music and have had the privilege to work at some of the best studios in the North of England. Records I've worked on have been released worldwide and garnered favourable reviews in the likes of The Guardian, Sunday Times and Uncut. In recent years I've moved into the world of mastering thanks to the excellent audio performance of my new studio in Adelaide

As a multi-instrumentalist session musician and composer I have a deep understanding of the nuts and bolts of both performing and creating music. I've made many records with singer-songwriters and acoustic ensembles, acting as recording engineer, performer and mixer. My background is in folk music and experimental rock and I play most of the traditional folk, rock and string instruments. I also have a love of synths, owning several classics. In recent years my productions have moved towards electronica and modern pop music although I still love the traditional recording challenge of capturing large ensembles performing together, especially when recording classical music, brass bands or choirs.

I love facilitating raw, dynamic, engaging music that isn't afraid to show emotion. I enjoy working with artists to create unique, hyper-realistic soundworlds that have their own distinctive aural signature. I want all the music I work on to have a warm, enveloping and inviting character that rewards repeat listening. 

My studio heroes include Steve Albini, Jerry Boys, Brian Eno, Martin Hannett, Joe Boyd, Sylvia Massy and Bill Leader.

I'm always happy to hear from fellow music enthusiasts so please get in touch below and we can get the conversation started, or better yet, if you're in Adelaide we could meet for a coffee and a chat in person.


Reviews & Testimonials

Matt Hill Quiet Loner

Matt Hill / Quiet Loner

"Sam produced two albums for me. He's really easy to work with and very innovative and interesting in his approach. He also really listens to your work and finds the right sounds for the songs.

Super reliable, super professional. He's mindful of budget and a good project manager too - good communication in terms of timetables, expectations, budgets etc. He's also an amazing musician in his own right, with a fine pair of ears.

I'd recommend him wholeheartedly for any project."



Get in touch with me here. Mixing and mastering might be more affordable than you think. I provide a range of other audio services too including, but not limited to; Podcast production, Audiobook production and Voice recording. 

Let me know below how I could be of service to you and receive your free personalised quote from me today.

I look forward to hearing from you.

All the best, Sam.

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